/brɪdʒ / (say brij)

1. a structure spanning a river, chasm, road, or the like, and affording passage.
2. Nautical
a. a raised transverse platform from which the officer in charge navigates or pilots a ship.
b. the bridge house or other superstructure on this platform.
3. Anatomy the ridge or upper line of the nose.
4. Dentistry an artificial replacement of a missing tooth or teeth, supported by natural teeth adjacent to the space, which may be fixed or removable.
5. Music a thin support across which the strings of a stringed instrument are stretched above the sounding-board.
6. (on spectacles) the part which joins the two lenses and rests on the bridge or sides of the nose.
7. Electricity an instrument for measuring electrical impedance.
8. US Railways a signal gantry.
9. Metallurgy a ridge or wall-like projection of firebrick or the like, at either end of the hearth in a metallurgical furnace.
10. Billiards a notched piece of wood with a long handle, used to support a cue when the distance is otherwise too great to reach; rest.
11. a horizontal body piercing through the bridge of the nose.
12. Yoga a pose in which, from a starting position of lying supine on the floor, the person bends the knees and draws the body up to form a straight line from head to knees.
verb (t) (bridged, bridging)
13. to make a bridge over; span.
14. to make (a way) by a bridge.
15. build bridges,
a. to construct bridges.
b. to create links between two hostile groups in the hope that reconciliation may be achieved.
16. build a bridge (and get over it), Colloquial (a dismissive expression directed at someone who is complaining about something.)
{Middle English brigge, Old English brycg}
bridgeable, adjective
bridgeless, adjective
/brɪdʒ / (say brij)

noun Cards
a game for four players, derived from whist, in which the trump suit is decided by bidding among players and in which one partnership plays to fulfil a certain declaration against the other partnership which tries to prevent this. See contract bridge, auction bridge.
{origin uncertain}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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